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About Qeblawi

Qeblawi Cosmetics, the world's first Arab-Filipina-owned cosmetic company, that takes great pride offers both cruelty-free and Halal verified and EU-compliant base in California. The brand strongly opposes animal testing, ensuring that no animals are harmed during the development or production of its products. This commitment exemplifies Qeblawi's unwavering dedication to ethical practices, aligning with the increasing demand for products that are equally effective and ethical.

As a Fashion model-actress and beauty Pageant experience, Diana understands exactly what it takes to develop a lasting presence in such an ever-changing industry. This understanding gives Qeblawi Cosmetics a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Diana Philippine Arabian has used this advantage to impact the beauty industry as an accomplished makeup entrepreneur who will specialize in dispelling the myths and faux pas of what beauty really is. 

We offer skin care and color cosmetics that are made in Canada, Hypo-Allergenic Not Tested on Animals Halal Certified EU Compliant Except Pencils it's made in Germany. We share Diana's favorite colors and bring them to the world.